Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Talking Donkeys and our Connection with Realitiy

After today's "Framing Practice" seminar my ideas for the upcoming synopsis and dissertation are starting to evolve. Last year I wrote an essay on animated documentary (http://jordanbuckner.blogspot.com/2010/04/animated-documentary.html) which was not only the most interesting to me but also I believe my most successful. Following on from this idea, today I discussed the ideas I have for my dissertation and I feel a lot more confident about my chosen subject. I'd like to use the opportunity to explore animation and it's effect, in particular, why is animation not used as an artistic medium directed at adults? Feature animations are generally targeted at children and real adult animation tend to be in the form of shorts. From this we discussed an array of ideas and came to the conclusion that maybe adults rely more on reality. This can be seen in Waltz with Bashir, a film of beautiful animation that tells a dark story of the Lebanese conflict. The final part of the film cuts to real footage of the crisis and emphasises the nature of the war and it's truly devastating effect. Could it therefore be said, that animation connects best with an adult audience when it has a connection to reality. 

We discussed the ideas of culture and it's effects on animation. Japanese animation often seems to cross the boundary and is successful with both an adult and youth audience, whereas Hollywood animation tends to target the broad child audience. I'll be looking into commercial influence, cultural influence and artist aspects that seem to affect the genre so greatly. Currently there are a ton of questions to answers and an array of areas to research but I feel happy that I have finally connected with a theme and the researching has begun.


  1. Like the idea Jordan. There is a whole list of animations which are adult only whilst others sit of the cusp of adult child. If you need help with the list come and see me.

  2. Thanks Alan, when I'm next in I'll definitely pop in the office and try get some advice. The more I can research the better. :)