Monday, 20 February 2012

Character Design

This week I've been trying to push my character design forward and hopefully get close to completion. It has also been a stage that has allowed me to experiment with the art style whilst still in sketching. The pages below demonstrate some of possible designs for the repairman character, these were developed from the silhouette stage and then drawn with some detail in order to see how a possible saturated art style could work.

After feedback these character sketches will move towards a final character, presented and converted into orthographs. The process has also begun with the pianist, however, this character isn't as resolved as the above. 

The animatic has also been adjusted and is ready to be moved forward, this week I want to add more shots and get the close ups and eye contact between characters working. Hopefully this version is starting to move in a better direction.

This week I'll be trying to get these final character designs drawn up and ready for production. I will also try and get the concept art for the environments drawn up, all while continuing the editing of the animatic.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Mary and Max (2009)

I felt a post about the heartwarming claymation Mary and Max was appropriate for such a project. When I saw the animation about a year ago I couldn't help but fall for the charm and beauty of such a piece. The film follows an unlikely friendship between two pen pals, one is a small girl in the suburbs of Australia named Mary Dinkle, whilst the other is an overweight and overanxious man living alone in New York, named Max Horowitz. Thus begins a long term friendship between two completely different people with completely different lives. The dark and desaturated landscapes of the film add to the often bleak aspects of the narrative, but the witty humour and loving characters really make it a charming watch. 

It is a beautiful film and one that everyone should watch, but what really becomes important within this project is the character of Max. He is an overweight, lonely, anxious guy who at the surface appears rather odd, but at his core is really a sensitive and loving sole. These are exactly the qualities that are needed within my own TV Repairman. He needs to appear creepy and odd, but all of a sudden these ideas need to fall away and show a sensitive character at the core.

The film stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Toni Collette and Barry Humphries. All three seem perfect for the roles they play. The design is stylised and adds to the charm of the off-kilter world, with monotone streets and misshapen object in ever shot. The world of Mary and Max seems as though it is a dark and odd place which just so happens to encircle two very human and very lovable character.