Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Character Modelling Part I

In an attempt to learn new techniques and explore new areas of CG, I have started a new character model. This was all inspired by the work of Don McCullin, possibly the most recognised war photographer in the world and a man who seems completely honest and utterly haunted by his past.

I've wanted to do a character model with this sense of accuracy and detail for a while, and this provided the perfect opportunity to experiment with different modelling approaches. Normally, I use the box modelling method for this type of work. This technique starts with a large polygon cube, with topology slowly being added and adjusted, as if working with a large block of stone. However, this time I've decided to work with an edge to edge workflow. This uses a polygon plane as a starting point, then extruding edges outwards to form the face. This slight change in approach has actually been far better for me. It felt much easier to form correct topology from the very start and everything took shape fairly quickly.

This is the block out phase. Now that the character is modeled and UV'd he will be taken in to Zbrush and sculpted. The final image will be a still render with plenty of detail and atmosphere, attempting to explore the photographic potential of Maya. But for now, it's exciting to be working on new approaches and exploring different possibilities. More to come on this and other projects soon.

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  1. Such a cool polygon work you have done.