Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Life Cycle of the Mushroom - A New Short Film

In my first year as a CG student I made a short film about the life cycle of mushrooms. It was the first time I really started working on an animated narrative. It is still a short that I am very proud of, despite the lack of technical ability and art style, it remains something I find quite moving in spite of its subject matter. I have been thinking about remaking the short for a while now, and after some meetings with some other interested parties, I am happy to announce that in the next couple of months, I will be documenting my process of remaking the film.

Concept Art - Mushrooms in the Glow
Preproduction on the film is already underway and I am looking to really push the painterly, emotive quality of my texture painting. I am fortunate enough to be working alongside a very talented musician and project manager Laura Callaghan, who will be providing a the moving soundscape for the short. Whilst also conferring with Dr Peter Klappa from the University of Kent to make sure this is a short that will resonate within its educational role.

There are a few key goals for the project but a real focus is to push my directorial skills in making a successful short animation with a professional level of finish and technical ability. This is a piece of work that I've always felt had an impact, and it has always been a shame that it lacked the finish of my more recent works. This will be a filmic and intelligent remake of my original film, with far more attention paid on the cinematography, camera work and colour.

Concept Art - The Development of Mycelia
The concept art for this project demonstrates the new style I wish to follow. There is something very alien about the minutia of nature, and it is this concept that drives the art style. I wish for this film to be far more alien in it's microcosms and more bold in its use of colour, whilst maintaining the moonlit quality of my previous work. The landscapes need to feel both magical and mystical, which will be emphasised by the soundscape surrounding the world.

Concept Art - The Basidium Field
All of my student work lacked the cinamtic quality that feels so present naturally in film. This will be a chance to change that, with a very thought out approach to camera work that both captures the scene but also heightens the qualities therein. Use of colour will also play a vital role in aiding the narrative. The piece will have little or no text but must still be of use to educational outlets so it will be important to provide memorable and distinct environments.

Concept Art - Nuclei Fusion
Now that I've gotten my head around the project, and organisation has been put in place, production will begin. I will be forming an animatic / previs as I begin modelling etc, but things will start to kick off within the next week. The project will be produced over the next couple of months and distribution and showings announced as things fall into place. Keep checking back on my site as I document the process throughout.


  1. whoop whoop! Can't wait! :)

  2. Thank you both :) It's good to be working on a short film again, strangely enough I kind of miss the stress of it all.

  3. this is something to be looking forward to ! (:] best of luck!

  4. Thank you JJ :) Zbrush mushrooms will be on the way!