Thursday, 11 July 2013

Agaricus - The Magic in Mushrooms Animatic!

In between various other projects, I've been working on this personal piece for a while now. It's all been in the early stages of development and in the process of finding funding etc. But now that things are back on my own terms, it's time to show these bloody lovely mushrooms. Turn on the HD and crank up the sound for the animatic below!

Unfortunately our funding proposal was rejected, which was kind of expected. It's a part of life that everyone has to deal with in one form or another. But saying that, rejection still really, really sucks. It's never a personal thing, but it's always a big bump in the road. My younger self would always be knocked down for while. I'd spend the night listening to Bob Dylan tracks and searching the internet for validation. But my older, grey haired self is actually kind of fueled by these tragic emails and letters. Even though it sometimes feels as though someone is saying "Your child is ugly and no one likes it," it often has more of a motivational kick. It forces you to look at yourself and question everything, which is good, because then you can often answer, "Yes, this is a good idea...let's fucking make it." So, without further ado, I am very proud to present the preproduction work for a short film titled Agaricus. The film will be directed, animated and created by myself, with the help of sound designer and producer Laura Callaghan.

This range of concept art was all produced for a long proposal highlighting how we could turn animation into something more interactive and experiential. One of my current obsessions is how CG animation can become more than just a Youtube video. It's a real killer to work on a film for months of your life, only for them to be watched in 240p on an iPhone. This led us to conceive a project that was more than just animation. We were very keen to create something that was interactive and living in the world. The solution was to create an art installation, an old English garden shed which housed a screen to show the animation. It would become an outdoor interactive cinema, with plants and fungi covering the ground below. I cannot show the entire proposal as it was a big document but here are a couple of  pages that we created to demonstrate our ideas.

The animation will be moving forward and although we can no longer afford to construct an art installation to display the work, we will be exploring new possibilities for the release. It's going to be an experience no matter what happens.


  1. Great animatic!

    What I particularly like is how you have controlled the camera. I noticed some subtle camera wobbles too, which really work well here.

  2. Thanks Ethan...I think those subtle additions can really help sell 2d animatics. I worked very hard on making it read well rather than simply be a set of animated storyboards. After Effects is awesome for this kind of stuff.