Monday, 19 August 2013

Concept Art - The Pass

Inspired by the films of Gasper Noé and Nicolas Winding Refn, along with a few dabs of Kubrick and Seijun Suzuki, this piece of concept art explores a few new techniques I've been playing around with. I completed this piece over the weekend after a small thumbnail from my sketchbook stuck out.

I'm also very happy to announce that this year I will be tutoring digital painting at UCA Rochester, so keep an eye on the blog for a lot of concept work, recorded paintings and tutorial extras. More filmic landscapes to come in the next few weeks.


  1. Hey Jordan,

    Thanks for sending this image through to me earlier; it instantly made me think of 'Only God Forgives' when I saw it :) You need a Milhaud tab on your blog now too, you should be very proud of that work and it should be on here loud and proud. Hope all is well with you? How's the whole naked messiah thing working out? Job done?

  2. Hi Phil,

    The Milhaud tab is in the works. It's been a busy August so time is flying by but I will get things updated. Plus, getting back into this blogging and social networking malarky in an attempt to get my work out to the world. Work is going very well, the messiah is still in the work, but also a lot of other projects on all at once. Will keep you updated on the plan for the first semester soon :)