Saturday, 21 September 2013

Colour Comps - Master Studies

There are some painting exercises that will always prove helpful, no matter the experience level. Master studies are one of these, as they not only help you digest and de-construct the works of old masters, but also help hone specific skills, whether they be colour understanding, or composition structure. Here is a page of quick paintings by myself exploring colour range.

I'll be posting more of these in a couple of weeks with some tutorial work to demonstrate certain ideas, but for anyone who is struggling with an aspect of digital painting, try this exercise out. It will really help you understand why a painting works and also allow you to explore the incredible works of your favourite artists. These colour studies shown purely concentrate on colour, there is no need to worry about perspective or rendering. The purpose was to see how accurately I could replicate colour, without ever using the colour picker tool. The same exercise can be used for compositional studies, or tonal value etc. More of this to come soon.

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