Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Concept Art - The Priest - 3D Paint Over

More concept art this week, this time another class demo which demonstrates the process of painting over 3D block models. This isn't a technique I've used before, but it's a great addition to the toolbox to help speed up work flow or deal with tricky perspective issues. The final image can be seen below and although not fully refined conveys the concept well enough for a client to give feedback.

It all starts in Maya. This example was a very quickly built block model which I roughly assembled according to the wooden Baptist churches of the U.S. It shouldn't be a perfect model or full of detail, just the key forms blocked out with primitive objects. Next, play around with the camera, explore interesting compositions and perspectives. The most revealing aspect of this approach was simply the exploration of composition using the virtual camera within Maya. The great thing about 3D software is that you can explore a space as if a cinematographer or film maker were setting up a shot. Finally, render out a few images that seem most compelling to you. In this case, the render was as follows...

This specific piece was created with the simple theme that it would be within a church. I've been reading Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian so that played a factor in the reference, but if I were to spend more time on development, this would need more research and attention to real world detail. Anyhow, this video demonstrates the overall painting process.

One problem that became apparent was how restricted and set this approach can seem, so I'd actually recommend working on multiple studies at once in order to kick some energy into the process. It will just help you generate ideas with less worry and also provide a great range of shots for you to then develop further. So, that may be a thing I do this weekend if time permits. Either way, I hope this provides a little insight into another approach. More painting thingys coming soon!

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