Thursday, 10 April 2014

Animating in Photoshop - Test #01

I've been meaning to start experiments with traditional animation in recent months but hoped to test out alternative methods digitally. Flash has never quite clicked with me aesthetically and since I use Photoshop so often, it seemed like an obvious test bed. So, here's the first test sequence.

The method of animating in Photoshop is actually really simple and super intuitive, despite some of the hatred I'm sure it garners from the internet Flash enthusiasts. It has a lot of the benefits of traditional light box animation but with the pros and cons of digital media. My 2D animation skills need a lot of work but this is the start of some experiments in something new. And it may be worth noting, if anyone would like a more in depth tutorial on how to use Photoshop in this way, let me know in the comments and I'll try my best to put something together.


  1. Very nice Jordan, I really like the mark making, very dynamic, would love to see more -
    I would love to learn this method :D

  2. Dude I would kill for a good tutorial in this- I've tried animating before but always struggle to bring the frames into a digital sequence. Never really liked Flash either (only had 4 lessons on it at uni), it's always felt a bit overcomplicated to me. Some really nice brushwork in your test- I hope you do more!

  3. Thanks Anass and thanks Matt. Personally, Flash has always lacked personality. I'll put something together and post it soon :)

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