Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Blog Returns / What Am I Doing?

In the last few months, my blog has become strangely quiet. In fact, since graduation, my posts have dropped rapidly. In many ways this has simply been due to the constraints of freelance projects. Much of the work I do these days is unavailable for display on the web or is on show in some other form, making it difficult to really talk about much. It's about time I started to change that and so this marks the start of something new.

Firstly, I've redesigned my site. The old blog was a bit of a mess, so it was time for a spring clean. This allows me to start collecting all of my work in one space and also provides me with a platform in which I can share projects, discuss filmy arty type things and hopefully post some tutorials.

I tried to be clever with a poster at University of Portsmouth...I think it failed.

This year has started with an explosion of work, seeing me finish projects for multiple artists and teaching at UCA, University of Portmouth and University of Brighton. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience; finally being as busy as I'd always hoped and working on a broad range of projects, from sculptural pieces generated from ochestral music to photo-realistic, refined animation. Now that I'm getting the hang of working on multiple projects at once, it's time to start making my own things again. This won't necessarily be anything specific, but will hopefully cover a broad range of mediums. Whether it is 2d animation, CG models or good old fashioned oil painting, I'll be trying my best to document more of what I do and why I do it.

This also means I'll be trying to enter into a discourse on the subject areas that I work in. So I'll use this space to talk more broadly about things I feel need discussion, from video game design to film impressions. All the things that I am influenced or outraged by will probably make an appearance. This will hopefully lead to more writing, more discussion and more critique of the mediums I hold dear, if not just to enter into these discussions, but also to clarify and develop my own understanding of certain issues.

Coming engines, zBrush sculpting, painting tutorials and more.

My own ideas and thoughts concerning animation have changed greatly in the last year. Maybe it is the effect of the art world taking it's toll on me, or maybe I'm just fed up of spending so long on personal projects, only to be disappointed by how watered down and safe they become. I've had a lot of ideas and projects that feel very big at the time, but now looking back, seem so bland and uninspired. Almost as though made with the expectations of an audience in mind, or with fear of breaking from formula and process. I don't know what the answer to this problem is, but I'm prepared to explore it by making different things and seeing where they go, rather than worrying about who this should be for or what step is best for the career. 

So, this isn't really a post. It's just me saying, keep looking at what I do. I'm going to try and make some good things and hopefully show a lot more behind the scenes. So, please take a look around and stay tuned for much more.

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