Monday, 4 January 2016

Sketchbook #01 - Jordan Buckner

A new year is upon us and it's time to start a new sketchbook. So, in honour of this most holy occasion, I thought I'd show a glimpse at my old sketchbook which ran from about September 2014 - December 2015.

The video above gives an insight into what this sketchbook held. It was a pretty messy, convoluted bunch of rubbish. Compared to my old university / foundation year sketchbooks, this is the most relaxed, unhindered book I've done. Doodles of characters on trains and tube station platforms, or notes on animation ideas and meeting notes. It's largely a whole lot of nonsense, but in there somewhere, are some good ideas. 

I hope this at least shows what I think a sketchbook should be. This is in no way a demonstration of drawing. Sketchbooks serve different purposes, and this one, was largely for getting things down on paper. As my old art teacher used to say, "Get your brain on the page." One of it's most important functions is purely getting things going. This is where all of my awful ideas go to die. So that when I actually start working on a project, the bad stuff is out the way. I'm not a guy who sits down and draws perfect images of perfect people, I'll leave that for others. This was the place of ugly humans, in ugly situations. For me at least, it may one day serve as a reminder for what 2015 was.


  1. I really love how you presented this, your sketches look really amazing! Please post more of your sketchbook work :)

  2. Thanks Cat :) I've got a bunch more stuff I'll hopefully post this month.