Thursday, 30 June 2016

Bunker Down

What a fucking horrible week it has been. Let's just get that out of the way. The UK voted to leave the EU, and it sucks. Beyond the economic turmoil and worrisome future ahead, the misplaced ideals of this country are perhaps most troubling revelation. I'm not going to make this a political post, but it is safe to say that this last week hit pretty hard. I've been a miserable human being and my concerns for the future are perhaps worse than ever. In times like these, it's perhaps easiest to hide away and pretend it never really happened.

So, whilst watching the country fall apart, I've also been working on a passion project which has been simmering away in the background. I'm not too sure if this is comic or animation, but it's definitely narrative of some sort. That's really all that matters. I'm desperate to jump back into the storytelling pool. Trying to find my feet as a self employed art human has taken more time than I'd hoped. But with life changes on the horizon, I'm really keen to make something for myself again. And I'm hoping to have more flexibility to achieve this.

I know the story is going to be a mixture of character studies. Something akin to Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia. But, I'd like for those stories to be born from the drawings themselves. As though the characters evolve through sketching. So, here lies some of the character sketches from this week. A possible glimpse into who these characters may be. Hope is not lost, more soon!

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